A Graph-theory based approach for Water pipe-line system

  • Pritamkumar Pritamkumar SITE, VIT University Vellore
  • Khilendrakumar Sinha SITE, VIT University Vellore
  • Hrishikesh Upadhye SITE, VIT University Vellore


The worldwide water supply represents a significant portion of the global energy consumption. This energy consumption, related to the collection, treatment and transportation of water, entails a large amount of costs. In this paper, an automatic, graph theory-based approach to route location and verification is presented. In this new approach, a component-based model is used to represent the topology of the pipes layout, and a modified matrix algorithm based on graph theory is used to locate all of the routes in a given pipes. This algorithm exhibits superior performance in the location and verification of routes and is universally applicable, irrespective of the pipe layout. When a pipe is modified, the designers can simply update the topological data for the pipe, and the new route information can be obtained automatically.


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Graph-theory; Water pipe-line;