Risk Assessment and Management in Construction Industries

  • Thabit H. Thabit Department of Control and Internal Audit, Ninevah University, Mosul, Iraq
  • Saif Q. Younus Department of Business Administration, Knowledge University, Erbil, Iraq


This paper aims to deal with construction industry risks. It deals with all type of construction industry types such as small house, malls, and huge buildings. Many accidents can be happened in the sites, so it is important that appropriate measure are taken into consideration to help in curbing the menace to improve safety in the working environment both within and the surrounding. The researchers concluded that the risks which can be avoided should be avoided to reduce the number of accidents that happen in the working environment. Rules and regulations that are clear and well understood by the workers are important in eliminating or reducing hazards experienced within the working environment. With adequate training and strict policies put in place, it is possible to deal with the risks at the workplace. The management should take responsibility and consider it as a necessity to introduce adequate measures and policies that can govern all activities undertaken in construction sites.


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