A Comparative Study of Vector Control and Model Predictive Control Technique for Grid Connected Battery System

  • Nimat Shamim Texas Tech University, USA
  • Subrina Sultana Noureen Texas Tech University, USA
  • Argenis Bilbao Texas Tech University, USA
  • Anitha Sarah Subburaj Texas Tech University, USA
  • Stephen Bayne Texas Tech University, USA


Advancements made to battery energy storage technologies have led to increasing integration of battery systems with the grid. This paper presents a comparative study of the well-established vector control technique and the model predictive current control technique as applied to the grid connected battery systems. An electrical equivalent model of the battery is modeled and integrated with the grid using a three- phase bidirectional converter. The comparative study is shown for bidirectional flow of power to charge/discharge the battery from the grid. Also, the effects of model predictive control versus vector control technique are analyzed at an event of grid fault. Asymmetrical and symmetrical grid fault is considered for the comparison. All the modeling and simulation is performed in PSCADTM/EMTDCTM. The results are plotted using MATLAB R2017a. The results show that the model predictive control technique performs as good as the vector control technique for a battery connected grid system.


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