Real-Time Digital Simulators: A Comprehensive Study on System Overview, Application, and Importance

  • Subrina Sultana Noureen Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas Tech University, USA
  • Nimat Shamim Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas Tech University, USA
  • Vishwajit Roy Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas Tech University, USA
  • Stephen B. Bayne Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas Tech University, USA


The multifarious improvements in computational and simulation tools have brought tremendous progress in the field of designing, testing and analyzing technologies. In this paper, the technological aspects and the concept of modern real-time digital simulators are presented. The real-time simulator functions in real time, thus it produces continuous output that realistically represents the conditions of a real system. Also, in a real-time simulator the user can test physical devices. Therefore, it is of great importance to understand the features and roles of the advanced simulator technologies. Also, User-friendly system interface, easy application in system design and testing, and most importantly cost effectiveness are the most desire features for implying these simulator into a research. Therefore, this paper summarizes all significant features by considering the above-mentioned facts of some most popular, globally, and commercially available simulator technologies. Real Time Digital Simulators (RTDS), OPAL-RT, Network Torsion Machine Control (NETOMAC), dSPACE, Real-Time solution by MathWorks (xPC target, Real-Time Windows target), Power_system Online_simulation Unveil Your Analysis (POUYA) Simulator and Typhoon HIL Simulator are discussed in this review paper based on the accessibility of information. A summarization of these simulators’ background, hardware, software and communication protocols are presented. Applications of these above-mentioned simulators are also added to understand the potentials of these simulators.


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