CPU cooling using PWM interfaced peltier unit

  • Ajinkya Datalkar Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai University


With the increase in the processing power of the computer, there is an increase in operating temperature. Even though newer processors have the ability to handle high temperatures up to 80 or 100 degree C, CPU intensive applications or games may cause the CPU to go beyond the given safe temperatures and even reach the critical temperature. In order to protect the processor from damaging the manufacturers have built in a mechanism that causes the processor to throttle. Throttling reduces the frequency at which the processor is operating there by reducing the temperature. However throttling hinders the performance of the CPU for a certain period of time until it reaches under the limit of safe operating temperature. There are a lot of CPU air, liquid, coolers available in the market. However the one that do their jobs very well are either very expensive or bulky or require various arrangements to be made. This configuration discusses the integration of thermo-electric cooler with the already present on board PWM controller.                                                                                                                      


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