A New Approach For Copyright Authentication For Image Communication

  • C Poornamma MITE, Moodbidri
  • Ajay Pinto MITE, Moodbidri


Image content authentication is to verify the integrity of the images, i.e. to check if the image has undergone any tampering since it was created. Digital watermarking has become a promising technique for image content authentication because of its outstanding performance and capability of tampering detection. However, many challenges for watermarking techniques for image authentication still remain unsolved or need to be improved, such as tamper localization accuracy, image quality, security, synthetic image protection, and so on. First, propose a watermarking technique for natural image authentication. By introducing the random permutation strategy in the wavelet domain, the proposed watermarking technique significantly improves the resolution of tampering detection with lower watermark payload. Second, study the unique characteristics of synthetic images and develop a novel watermarking scheme for synthetic image authentication. The proposed watermarking algorithm is fully compatible with the characteristics of synthetic images. With less pixels modified, the authentication system can still achieve pixel-wise tamper localization resolution. Compared with cryptography, it is much better suited for visual data protection. Digital watermarking could be completely compatible with multimedia systems because it is not only transparent to both the viewer and the system but also able to survive the common media processing as well. Image content authentication is one of the application fields of digital watermarking. For image content authentication, it has many advantages over digital signatures.


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Author Biographies

C Poornamma, MITE, Moodbidri
Dept of E&C
Ajay Pinto, MITE, Moodbidri
Dept of E&C


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DCT; DWT; EBCOT Algorithm