Temporary-Snapshot Based Composite Synchronous Checkpointing Protocol for Mobile Distributed Systems

  • Dyuti Banerjee NIMS University, Jaipur
  • Praveen Kumar NIMS University, Jaipur


Minimum-process synchronous snapshot compilation is a suitable approach to introduce fault tolerance in mobile distributed systems transparently. In order to balance the snapshot compilation overhead and the loss of computation on recovery, we propose a composite snapshot compilation algorithm, wherein an all-process synchronous snapshot is capturen after the execution of minimum-process synchronous snapshot compilation algorithm for a fixed number of times. In synchronous snapshot compilation, if a single procedure fails to capture its snapshot; all the snapshot compilation effort goes waste, because, each process has to repudiate its tentative snapshot. In order to capture the tentative snapshot, an Mobile Host(M_HOST) needs to transfer large snapshot data to its local Mobile Support Station(MOB_SUPP_ST) over wireless channels. Hence, the loss of snapshot compilation effort may be exceedingly high. Therefore, we propose that in the first phase, all concerned M_HOSTs will capture Temporary snapshot only. Temporary snapshot is similar to mutable snapshot, which is stored on the memory of M_HOST only. In this case, if some procedure fails to capture snapshot in the first phase, then M_HOSTs need to repudiate their Temporary snapshots only. The effort of capturing a Temporary snapshot is negligibly small as compared to the tentative one.In the minimum-process synchronous snapshot compilation algorithm, an effort has been made to minimize the number of useless snapshots and blocking of procedures using probabilistic approach.


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Author Biographies

Dyuti Banerjee, NIMS University, Jaipur
Research Scholar
Praveen Kumar, NIMS University, Jaipur
Professor, Dept. of Computer Science Engineering


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