A brief review on speckle noise reduction techniques for ultrasound images

  • Jasdeep Kaur Punjabi University, Punjab


Speckle noise, typically occurs in coherent imaging systems such as sonar, laser and ultrasound imaging, is an unwanted aftereffect of the image formation process in coherent imaging .Speckle reduction is an important issue for analysis of ultrasound images. In  ultrasound imaging system, the presence of speckle results decline  in image quality and makes it difficult for human interpretation and  diagnosis analysis.Numerous methods for speckle suppression were proposed. In this paper we have given the overview of  the speckle noise reduction modelalong with various filters which are commonly used for speckle reduction needed in ultrasound images. As speckle noise is dominated in ultrasound imaging, there is need of de-noising the ultrasound images before segmenting out the tumor regions. As border detection of these tumors should be highly accurate as final results of segmentation are dependent on it. Further we will explore the tumor edge detection and segmentation of infected liver ultrasound images.


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Author Biography

Jasdeep Kaur, Punjabi University, Punjab
Dept. of  ECE


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speckle noise, ultrasound, lee and kuan, frost, wavelets