A Noval Interleaved Buck Converter With High Step-Down Conversion Ratio

  • Rosemary Thekkekara Toc H Institute of Science & Technology, Arakkunnam, Kerala


In this paper, a novel transformerless  interleaved high step-down conversion ratio dc–dc converter with low switch voltage stress is proposed. In this converter, two input capacitors are series-charged by the input voltage and parallel discharged by a new two-phase interleaved buck converter. Based on the capacitive voltage division, the main objective of the voltage-divider circuit in the converter is storing energy  in the blocking capacitors for increasing the step-down conversion ratio. Voltage stress of active switches is also reduced. As a result, the proposed converter topology possesses the low switch voltage stress characteristic. This will allow one to choose lower voltage rating MOSFETs to reduce both switching and conduction losses. The overall efficiency is also consequently improved. To verify the performance of this topology, simulations are done using MATLAB or SIMULINK.


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Author Biography

Rosemary Thekkekara, Toc H Institute of Science & Technology, Arakkunnam, Kerala
PG Scholar, Dept. of EEE,


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High step-down conversion ratio, Interleaved tecnique, Low switch voltage stress