A Non-isolated Multi-input Multi-output DC–DC Boost Converter

  • Deena George Toc H Institute of Science &Technology, Arakkunnam, Kerala


A new non-isolated multi-input multi-output dc-dc boost converterbased on combination of a multi-input and a multi-output converteris discussed in this paper.This converter is useful for hybridizing different energy sources in electric vehicles. A hybrid power generation system uses two or more sources to balance the power supply.So advantages of different sources can be achieved.In this boost converter charging or discharging of energy storages can be easily done.This converter has several outputs with different voltage levels whichmakes it suitable for interfacing to multilevel inverters for voltage harmonic reductionwhich, consequently, reduces the torque ripple of electric motor in electric vehicles. The proposed converter has just one inductor.To verify the performance of the  converter, simulations have been done in MATLAB-SIMULINK software.


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Deena George, Toc H Institute of Science &Technology, Arakkunnam, Kerala
PG Scholar, Dept. of EEE,


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DC–DC converters, electric vehicle, multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO)